Forensic toxicology

Analysis of biological samples
Samples taken from living

Quali-quantitative screening and testing to determine levels of alcohol, drugs, psychoactive substances in biological samples (urine, plasma, serum, whole blood, hair formations, organs and tissues, etc.), at the request of healthcare companies, judicial police forces, district authorities, judicial authorities, companies, local medical commissions, private users

Veterinary toxicology

For.Med.Lab. offers its experience and its services to veterinary surgeons for the research of toxic substances on biological and non-biological samples in relation to animal poisoning problems. Furthermore, dosage and research of drugs and doping substances are performed on biological samples taken from animals entered in sporting competitions.

Agri-food toxicology

We are specialized in the research and dosage of Cannabinoids both on plant material and on cosmetic, phytosanitary and agri-food products. Our experts also offer forensic toxicological advice in relation to current regulations on the production and sale of Cannabinoid-based products.

Forensic genetics

Forensic Genetics is the discipline which, in the field of Forensic Sciences, uses the modern techniques of molecular biology for the personal identification of the perpetrators of crimes, the individual attribution of unknown human remains and the verification of kinship relationships (investigations of paternity).
Thanks to the presence of specialized professionals and the collaboration with professionals in the sector, For.Med.Lab. proposes technical-expert activities in the Forensic Biological/Genetic field, offering its customers the possibility of carrying out human DNA analysis tests for identification/discrimination purposes and to ascertain or exclude parental relationships.

Training activity

As a university spin-off, For.Med.Lab. carries out research and training in forensic medical sciences, welcoming students and trainees. It has agreements with other universities for work related to research doctorates and master’s degrees. It has agreements with various universities for activities related to research doctorates and university masters.

Occupational medicine

Occupational medicine is the branch of medicine that deals with the prevention and diagnosis of diseases caused by work activities and in Italy it finds its regulatory point of reference in Legislative Decree 81/2008, the so-called Consolidated Law on health and safety in the workplace.

Forensic anthropology and forensic odontology

The forensic anthropology and odontology laboratory is aimed at all those, prosecutors, prefectures, police bodies or private individuals who need support both in the field of identification and in the field of age estimation.

Study of the documentation of the case, clinical activity (visits), elaboration of the written consultancy, possible participation as party consultants in judicial investigations (autopsies and other official consultancy)

Medico-legal advice

Our coroners carry out necropsies, histological analyses and provide medico-legal consultancy on the documentation of a case, clinical appointments, written consultancy and medico-legal consultancy on professional healthcare liability in civil, criminal and social security cases.